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Content and Images Manager

B&B Soiano del Lago
Via Pozzette 11
25080 Soiano del Lago (BS)
Cod. Fisc. e Part. I.V.A.: 02052340987
Tel.: +39 0365 954082
Fax: +39 0365 954539

Web developer

Logo Gread ElettronicaGread Elettronica s.r.l.
Divisione Informatica
Via Fortunato Zeni, 8
38068 Rovereto (TN)
Tel.: +39 0464 020220
Fax: +39 0464 020229

Exclusion of Responsibility

B&B Soiano del Lago is not responsible for content or images belonging to other websites linked to B&B Soiano del Lago site. Their content is of unique responsibility of their own webmasters or site managers.

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